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The result of a couple guys who love good food and cold drinks, Duke's Grocery is a neighbourhood pub and supper spot located in the Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom areas of Washington, D.C., with a Duke's Counter sister location in Woodley Park / National Zoo.


The idea is simple: create a fun spot that our friends (you!) can come in anytime and have a fulfilling meal, a tasty drink and great time in an atmosphere that is unpretentious and laid back. Tuck in, drink up and enjoy!

A nod to the ubiquitous corner cafés, bodegas and curry joints of the East London neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Hoxton, our culinary inspiration is as diverse as these brilliantly working class parts of the English capital.


East London's funky juxtaposition of classic greasy spoons,

hole-in-the-wall ethnic spots and ultra sleek avant-garde restaurants has created a food scene that is truly unique.

Dukes Grocery Dupont Interior.jpg

We regularly update our chalkboard menus depending on what is seasonally available and fresh. From our sandwiches, curries and salads to cocktails, craft beers and unique varietals, we work hard to keep the menus exciting while offering our guests a top-notch experience.

All dishes are scratch made in small batches in our cozy, open kitchens. We source from local purveyors with an emphasis on sustainable ingredients. We take great care in preparing your meals to maintain high standards of both value and quality, all to ensure you are fully satisfied but not walking out of here broke. We do NOT charge rental fees for special events.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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